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Not just a face but a woman who never gave up on her dreams. She changed many lives and is an inspiration to many. She has got a big heart and a beautiful soul to compliment that. A true definition of then and now. With so much success she is still grounded and very humble, that is what sets her apart from many...

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Verna Building & Enterprise
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Verna Building & Enterprise
Read More about it HERE!!!!!!
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LTD Leogrishca Trading Designs


LTD is an internet cafe situated in the south of JHB in an area called Meredale. Close to the M1, Southgate Mall, Sun City Prison, Naturena, and surrounding areas.

 LTD is a very diversified internet cafe offering a variety of services to the public.  It is a very private and secured place to do your everyday business.

We have great student offers, birthday specials with birthday messages, as well as public holiday savings.

We do data capturing, wedding / baby shower / anniversary /  birthday invitations, and much much more.

We do bulk stock on stationary so you save more. We do stationary packages and delivery too. Enquire for more information. 

We also cover branding, business cards; letterheads, web development, graphic design, and a whole lot more!

With flexible staff and all round trading hours you can be sure you getting service of great quality and satisfaction.   



LTD was started by Savannah Morgan in 2011. She saw the need for a flexible internet cafe in the area of Meredale. She did extensive research on what the needs of the people are in the area. To her surprise she found that clients’ needs internet with great speed and at a good price.  

Not everyone is very familiar with computers, so she offers them assistance at no extra cost. Having the interest of the public in mind and good service on hand, she found herself in a great position of making a great success of the internet cafe. With personal interaction and hands on staff, clients that visit LTD on a daily are assured great service for their money.


LTD at Community Service  

 We at LTD believe that everybody is born with a purpose and the potential of becoming someone great. With the right opportunities and correct tools this potential can be unlocked and turned into greatness. We do our best to assist the community with showing their best.

LTD takes part in a lot of community projects. The 2013 project of note in one community was called “Face of Eldos” here we sponsored the pageant with all their printing requirements, catering, and kitted the girls with t-shits to stand out, for the winner we donated a full house desktop to assist with her studies and completing her grade 12.

LTD employees the youth giving them work experience and also assisting with placement. Giving them the necessary skills they need to face the corporate world with confidence knowing that they are prepared.



The advanced group aged 18 - 25 is taken through an intense course where they do the computer course as well as getting job experience. Covering all aspects from the smallest basics of computers to the most intricate architecture of computers. They get skills development as well as job placement. They get admin, telephone, typing, internet, MS office, graphic design, data capture, sales, branding, client service, stock taking and buying as well as printing. We cover as much in-house as we possibly can in preparing the individuals for their careers.  


Specialized care... 

We have specialized assistance deriving from Corel draw, dream weaver, flash, fireworks, photo shop and many more. These are all designing software's that creates the world presented to the eye.  They have an opportunity of going out into the field and rubbing shoulders with the experts in the field. The have a full on experience of the job requirements and the pressure of it.


Mind Shift...

The idea of using technology as a vehicle to attract young people into constructive activities is the brainchild of LTD, Development Team.

     We intend using all the technological avenues of Marketing, Design and Business. Through this teach young people interested in these fields skills such as; public speaking, business etiquette, basic business principles, graphic design, tele-communication, customer service, admin, writing skills, presentation skills, computer literacy and project management.

          It is skills such as these that we believe will propel the involved youth  into being confident, value adding, efficient, substantial individuals in society and then eventually also making a difference in the upcoming generation.